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Music & Artificial Intelligence

Building Critical Interdisciplinary Studies

Music and Artificial Intelligence: Building Critical Interdisciplinary Studies (MusAI) is a five-year research program investigating the cultural implications of AI through critical studies examining its relationship with music

MusAI is based in the Institute of Advanced Studies and Department of Anthropology at University College London, with links to the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, Frankfurt, Germany and the Department of Music, King’s College London.

MusAI is funded by the Advanced Grants scheme of the European Research Council (grant agreement 101019164), with additional funding from the MPIEA and McGill University/Mila, Montreal.

Image: Xenia Pestova Bennett, Artemi-Maria Gioti and the ‘Bias II’ algorithmic assemblage rehearsing for a performance at Iklectik, London, November 2022